Who should approach us for this service?

If any one or more of following apply to you,

  • You do not know what is your credit score or credit history
  • You do not understand your CIBIL report
  • You have defaulted on some loan or card in the past 15 years.
  • You plan to apply for a housing loan or other kind of new loan
  • Your CIBIL report shows some accounts as written off or overdue
  • Your CIBIL report score is below 700
  • You loan or card application is rejected
  • You have some accounts on your CIBIL report which you believe is not yours
  • You have closed or settled some accounts and the status of the same is still not updated
  • You have settled many accounts in the past and it’s classified as settled or settled post write off
  • You CIBIL report is NA or NH
  • You are currently overseas and need help in getting a CIBIL report

What we do?

On enrolment at Debt Doctor we have a specialized team for handling such issues; the team is well versed with all the credit reports of various bureaus and solves issues relating to your credit report. Our experts will coordinate with various financial institutions on the errors on your credit report and facilitate the entire process of fixing errors on your credit report. Apart from fixing the errors our expert team will guide you on how to improve your credit score and will work with you hand in hand to achieve the same. Our team follows a simple 3 step process

Our Process

Step 1

On completion of the enrolment process and obtaining all the necessary documentation, you can apply for a CIR from CIBIL through us

Step 2: 
On receipt of your CIR our review team will have a one to one talk with you either face to face or over phone and discuss in detail the issues on your credit report and also take information from you on the loan products you have serviced. At the completion of this process our review team will update you on errors if any on your credit report and also update you on the issues on your credit report that are effecting your credit score and in turn you ability to avail any credit facilities with financial institutions.

Step 3:
On completion of the conversation and after the inputs obtained from you, our review team will initiate the process of fixing the errors in your credit report if any and or put a detailed road map on how to resolve the issues on your credit report and increase your score .This apart our professionals will walk hand in hand to help you do the same. As a client of Debt Doctor you will be able to avail the services of the credit review team whenever you require.

Our expert professionals have helped hundreds of individuals over the last two years in fixing errors on credit reports and also improving the credit score to a considerable number to start availing loans. In addition, our experts are available by phone or email to provide useful coaching regarding other credit score enhancing steps you can take.

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