Financial Health Check

Why financial health Check?

It’s quite a common practice amongst us to undergo a health check in regular intervals of our life or consult a Doctor when you are Unwell, it could be a simple diagnostic test for a particular illness or a general master health check.

However, we definitely believe that prevention is better than cure. This is a proactive approach to keep our health well.  When we get our report with borderline numbers, we prefer to see a “Specialist” to interpret the readings and suggest remedial measure to bring the numbers under control.

If we are so particular about our physical health, why not with the financial health.

You want to treasure and savour  your hard earned money accumulated in the form of wealth over years.  Just buying a credit report from one of the credit bureaus; be it CIBIL, Experian or Equifax and interpreting yourself does not help in understanding the fine nuisances in your report. How would you define what is borderline when there is no reference range defined for availing a credit facility either in the immediate future or for your future home.

Let’s say you interpreted your credit report and felt everything was ok but when you actually went for your term loan extension for new machinery acquisition or a dream home or a car loan either today or at a future point in time and you get a prompt answer from the financial institutions that your loan is rejected. Then you start wondering what went wrong.   Your score looked ok always, you made regular payments, and your card limits have grown, but still your loan was rejected.  Why this happened? Lack or Interpretation expertise and credit worthiness

This is the exact situation “Debt Doctor” could have simulated if you had come to us first.

About Debt Doctor:

Just reading the credit report is not enough, you need to be able to visualize your present and futuristic financial credit worthiness by analyzing your credit report, income and expenses pattern and your debt equity ratio. We at “Debt Doctor” have expert professionals who carry with them immense experience working with various Nationalized and MNC banks in the loan disbursal departments. These experts have worked on thousands of loan applications on eligibility and have made decisions on the outcome of the loan applications.

When you opt for our Financial Health Check, We do a detailed analysis of your credit report, income expenses pattern, debt equity ratios and interpret our findings to you. Not only this but also our experts will also suggest you remedial actions to be taken, so as not to get into unpleasant rejections of loans in the future. We help you in Proactive and reactive approach as required to manage your finances.

What does Debt Doctor do?

On enrolment with Debt Doctor, we follow 2 simple stages process

Stage1: We collect all the necessary documentation and information from you. After this we will apply for a CIR with CIBIL free of cost. While awaiting the credit report we will use the information obtained from your on different loans, cards and liabilities and draw up matrix on Income / Expenditure, Assets/ Liabilities and arrive at debt equity ratio

Stage 2: On receipt of your CIR from CIBIL, we will analyze your CIR completely along with the (other information we have derived). On completion of this process we will interpret our findings and give you a detailed report on the analysis made. This report will also include any remedial actions or preventive steps to be taken.

Time Line:

The entire process will take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks subject to presentment of the information required from you.

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